mosonic – »Corrupted Archive«

Moritz »mo.« Sauer aka mosonic produces music since 1992. Over the decades he released his music on private channels, since the early web, through several synonyms like The Acoustic Junkie, Brigitte Bijoux and mo.

»Corrupted Archive« reflects the essence of the early era from 1992 to 1998. This collection of tracks give you a glimpse of what he produced over time. It’s his nod to past, while firing up the engine for the second coming…

The idea behind this small EP is, that lots of his old tracks were destroyed through data corruption. We are fortunate because only his best tracks survived, collected on this EP.

Please download and enjoy @bandcamp!


  1. End-Gifted
  2. Sonic Garden (Acoustic Junkie Remix)
  3. Muschelsuche
  4. Der Jazzhooligan
  5. Grollen
  6. Phunkee (Bonus Track)