mosonic is the music project by Moritz »mo.« Sauer. mosonic mirrors his deep passion for all kinds of music styles. While at heart an electronic music project the artist doesn’t limit himself to one style or genre.

Born and living to date in the electronic music city that is Cologne, mosonic loves diversity starting with honest techno and house to basslovin’ downbeats and drum’n’bass to electronica and ambient. The world of music is too huge and wonderful to limit yourself.

If you listen closely to mosonic you will feel his love for extraordinary musicians, bands and producers who had a big influence in his taste. You will find references, aesthetics and artifacts from artists like alva noto, Atom ™, Matthew Herbert, Future Sound of London, Plastikman, Good Lookings Records, Underworld, The Bionaut, Speedy J, Basic Channel, PFM, TeeBee, Matrix, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Hardfloor, Minilogue, Mouse On Mars, Steve Reich, Rob Hubbard and many more…

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